Who We Are

MD Real Estate Videos is a service of MD Media Consulting Pty Ltd.

MD Media Consulting started in Geelong, Victoria in 2009, proving a range of online services including video and voice overs. In 2010, the business moved to Melbourne's south-east to be closer to a growing client base in the area.

It currently serves around 150 clients in Geelong, Melbourne, across Australia and internationally (including the USA, Italy and China).

In 2013, MD Media Consulting became a preferred supplier for the City of Greater Geelong. In 2015, MD Media Consulting adopted a new corporate structure, becoming a proprietary company to better cater for an expanding client base.

MD Real Estate Videos

MD Real Estate Videos was founded to use the extensive media and production experience of the team at MD Media Consuling Pty Ltd, by offering an innovative solution to real estate video production.

With changing internet use and media consumption habits, modern consumers expect video-on-demand to go with product pitches so they can make an informed decision. Real estate is no different. However, the process of ordering a real estate video until now has been a difficult one- lots of email exchanges back-and-forth and dealing with the video and voice over people individually.

With MD Real Estate Videos, it's all under one roof, and ordering is a breeze online. Plus, our clear-price policy means you can see what your video will cost as you order, so you'll know what each extra feature will cost. That means that ordering and getting a quote takes less than 10 minutes every time.

The Bottom Line

As MD Real Estate Videos lets you produce an outstanding product with much less time and money required on your part, we believe that agents will want to use our service for every listing- not just the higher-end ones, increasing the perceived value of every property, and creating more engaged buyers, offering a massive advantage to those who use our service.